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perl and cgi problem

Date: 2002/01/23 16:16

hi how are you,
i am very new at this as you will soon see, but please bare with me.
I have apache server running a simple web page off of my computer. I would
like to run some cgi-bin scripting here is the simple page
www.infohere.dynu.com and when i try to add the cgi-bin part i get totally
confused. like go here http://infohere.dynu.com/cgi-bin/first.pl,
you see the script and i know thats not what you should see. i belive my
configuartion is wrong and i am confused about the perl thing. do i need
to install perl somwhere on my system? i did , but i didnt know what path
to use. sorry to be vague and ignorante about this but i hope you can get
me some direction. i know it will have to be more then this one meeting
here i am using
apache 1.3.22
and active perl 5.6
Your script should start with

#! c:/perl/bin/perl

Give it a try. I am not sure, I have never done that with Apache on NT. I
recommend that you use Apache on Linux, or IIS on NT, but why mix it up?


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