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Altering FormMail´s result mail´s layout

Date: 2002/01/23 16:09

I need a CGI script that creates an email reply with a certain text
The address headers (name, street, etc) are to be printed one under the
other in the left column, and the data (*NAME-DELETED*, Main street, etc) in the
right column. Above or below the address part there shall be a few radio
button results. It´s unimportant if they end up in a certain column or
just straight across the page (probably they will end up under eachother
to the left, right?).
Preferrably, I would like you to alter Matt Wright´s FormMail since I´m
familiar with it (as it is, it generates a reply with all data on one line
each). But if you have another solution, it´s ok with me as long as it
does the job.
My host server supports sendmail.
If you are familiar with Matt Wright´s FormMail then alter that script.
What way can I help you?

On this service I give advices free.


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