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Date: 2002/01/21 05:23

I'm trying to run a guest book script (bnbbook.cgi from
http://www.bignosebird.com ) Everything works , except that it does not
write the comment back to the guestbook page.
The script is here http://www.carlasings.com/bnbbook.zip

The page is here

Permissions are set as instructed, the error log shows no new errors,
<!-bookmark-> (where the entrys should begin )is on it's own line, in a
table by itself.
Don't know what else to try.
This guestbook program relies on the initialized guest book, and requires
that the <!-bookmark-> is on a single line alone. I know that you have
checked it, however:

did you upload the file to the server (the initial guest book) in ASCII
mode. If you uploaded it binary mode then there is an extra \r character
after the chop.


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