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help me please

Date: 2002/01/19 02:25

I have a web site that i need to create a mail form. i am having lots of
problems with it..how do i do it so it is sent to me after they fill it
out. please help me...for what i'm trying to do is if you go to
www.brianlutzker.com then skip the into and on the bottom of the page,
click on directions..there is a form there and when you hit send it is
suppose to be sent to me..what am i doing wrong???


I can not tell without the script or indepth information what is wrong.
Nobody could do that except maybe Merin the wizard.

If you are looking for some Perl script that accepts a form and then sends
a mail then you can look at www.bignosebird.com where they have such
scripts. You can use some of their script or you can learn from those and
write your own based on the technique they use.

In either case I can recommend those scripts because they are well
written, work well, and easy to read and understand. Those scripts are

I hope this helps you.


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