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using arrow keys in a program

Date: 2002/01/18 11:56

Hi, i'm looking to find a way that i can use the arrow keys in a program.
The way i have it set up now is where the user enters a w,s,a or d to move
in any of four directions. The problem is that every time a character is
entered the user has press enter just to move a small distance. I'm
intrested in being able to have the user press the arrow keys to move
without having to press enter at all. I'm also trying to do this without
any outside libraries i.e. allegro etc.Any help with this is greatly
To have such a solution is system dependant. You should do it different on
Windows and different on UNIX.

There are functions that you can call to get the key stroke unbuffered.
Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the functions, because I have
not used it for many years. Consult the operating system programming


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