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CGI Script for enrollment page

Date: 2002/01/17 08:53

I am designing a web page and the client up until now had a PDF for
enrollment but just yesterday decided to have online enrollment. Thus is
way over my head as I just started learning perl and CGI. He wants this
page to have a confirmation email that has a signature line so the client
can print it from their email, sign it and give it to their HR Dept. There
are no passwords or databases at this point. Really simple (for someone
other than me).Where can I find a script that will emil info to website
owner and confirmation to client. How do I incorporate it into my page http://www.gradeent.com/trustadmin/pages/enroll.html. I am really
desparate because he wants it up by the end of the week. I will even PAY
for the script. Can you help me? I am creating this all in Dreamweaver on
my Macintosh.
If you are experienced a bit you know that there is no readily available
script that does exactly what you need. This is generally true. However
there are scritps that do something similar what you need.

TO see scripts that accept some data over the Web (web form) and then
stores the entered data and also sends out mail including the data in the
mail then visit http://www.bignosebird.com/

I usually do not accept payed assignments over the web, but if you really
consider this as an option the conditions are the followings:

- There should be at least a weekend for the task.
- There should be an account accessible on the machine to install the
script accessible via ssh, scp with sufficient privilege.
- Give formal specification with all parameters (what data is needed,
email addresses and so on). How the machine is configured, what
directories are available, where is sendmail located and so on.
- Offer an amount.
- I should accept the task.
- Money has to be sent after the task is finished and you are satisfied to
the bank account I send you afterwards .

What OS is running on the server? I hope that this is some Linux.

Do you consider the laguage ScriptBasic instead of Perl?
http://scriptbasic.com This is simpler than Perl and just as suitable for
CGI scripting.


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