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network programming

Date: 2002/01/14 20:50

I am currently studying at university, and was wondering if you knew any
sites which can teach me the basics of network programming in C or Perl,
as I am attempting to write a proxy/bouncer piece of software for my final
project later in the year.



instead of telling you where the tutorial is (URL) I teach you how to find
anything like that.

Go to http://www.google.com and type as search two words:

socket tutorial

In the result set the very first hit is Beej's Socket Programming
Tutorial. OK this is so far what google can do for you. What Google can
not do is the following: I know this tutorial for a while, and I can tell
you this is worth reading it. Google can't tell you that.

Have nice study reading it, practicing network programming and in case you
have further question do not hesitate to ask me questions.


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