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Bourne shell- shell script and projects in C

Date: 2002/01/13 09:58

hello sir,
plz do let me know the syntax of how to implement arrays(that is
declaring and storing the values in array and and retrieving those
values)using shell script in Bourne Shell.

And i'am interested in system side programming(OS) using C and
Linux.....plz do give me ideas regarding projects that can be done in a
span of a months time in this area......this will be also be helpful for
my placements next sem.

thanx in advance
Arrays in bsh are just like other variables.

a[11] = 14

to assign value, however when you reference them:


is the correct syntax. OK, I knew it, but it was not a C question :-)

I have a personal project http://scriptbasic.com You can write some
external module for the ScriptBasic language, or write some internal
preprpocessor for it. That is really a good job, needs to be done, a lot
of people will be glad for things like that and is something to be
accepted by uni teachers as a task.


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