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CGI script for form mail

Date: 2002/01/13 09:53

I have a pentium II, 512mb ram. I am running windows 2000, I have been
using Front Page 200 to make my web pages.

I have a form page made with Front Page 2000 which is not working
correctly. When the visitor completes the form and sends the information
the Thank You page (confirmation) page is not viewing.

The FP form properties are set as such;

Send To: Custom ISAPI, NSAPI, CGI, or ASP Script
(as advised by my web hosting company using a UNIX server)
I set my redirect property to redirect the visitor to the Thank You page
stored in the same directory as the Form Page.

Action is set to: http://www.(mydomainname).com/cgi-local/FormMail.pl

The visitor does not view the Thank You page and the results are not being
sent to the recipient.

When I view the cgi-bin directory on the web server I do not see any
script there.
What should I do to correct my problem. As I am a beginner at web page
design I am not sure what the correct procedure is.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

I do not actually know how FrontPage works with UNIX servers. I know that
there are some UNIX extensions that handle FrontPage generated pages.

When a form is sent it is definitely handled by some program, usually some
CGI program. Thus there has to be some programs for the purpose.


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