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Guest book..

Date: 2002/01/13 08:57

I've downloded a 3rd party Guest book script (One CGI file which links to
a html file containing both the form and entries) from
http://bignosebird.com/carchive/bnbbook.shtml and it's all great, except
for 2 things, the fact it doesn't display the entry numbers, so Is there a
simple way to do this? Perhaps a simple bit of code to add somewhere in
the CGI/html.

And also, is there a way for it to create a new html page for older
entries after 20 or so entries have been added to the GB?
You have to alter the lines

chop $line;
if ($line eq "<!--bookmark-->")
print WRBK "<!--bookmark-->\n";
print WRBK "$PAGE_ENTRY\n";
print WRBK "$line\n";

to introduce some counting.


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