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birdcast cgi script

Date: 2002/01/10 18:08

I'm trying to create a web page with "send to a friend" script.I am using
the birdcast cgi script from bignosebird.com.I am using apache as a local
host server 1.3.20 and perl.I use a ASDL line for my internet
connection,but I am using the apache server to test my pages before I
launch them.Everything works perfectly except that when I use the "send to
a friend script" to any email account,the script is called perfectly, but
the mail is not sent.I don't get any any error messages.The birdcast
script says the following :

$SMTP_SERVER is the name of your e-mail gateway server, or
# SMTP host. On most systems, "localhost" will work just fine.
# If not, change "localhost" to whatever your ISP's SMTP
# server name is, ie, smtp.isp.net or mail.isp.net

---- I have changed it to $SMTP_SERVER=mailhost.terra.es; which is the

However, if this does not work the birdcast script asks you to to use the
follwojng line :

/usr/lib/sendmail -t

but this is not anywhere on my computer. Please help,the discussion board
dedicated to this script has provided no answers. I am sure what to do.

Thank you

I woukld recommend that you enclose the name of the SMTP server between '
characters, like:


This is because it has to be a string. Try it that way.

If you have Linux on your server then you can install sendmail easily
using the package manager. The package manager is system dependant. On
RedHat it is called rpm, on Debian dpkg and so on.

If you use Windows NT then you do not have sendmail and you will not.

You should be able to use the SMTP version of mail sending.


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