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Top Referers CGI Script

Date: 2002/01/10 09:14

I have recently tried installing a 'Top Refers' CGI script on my website.
I obtained this script from http://www.mycgiscripts.com/top-referers.htm
My website is www.ianroberts.net and is run on my own webserver running
Win2K IIS 5.0 & Activestate Perl 5.6 My referers page is
Basically I can't get the script to generate a toplist.txt file in
cgi-bin/data folder as it's supposed to. I've read the readme file but an
very unsure where to put the script in section 4 or whether or not and how
to modify them currently they are on my default.htm page. To narrow things
down for you I know Perl itself is working as I have another perl script
working on my site a subscription list which went on with no problems
which would also suggest my permissions are okay. There is a link to my
site in the links page of a site www.nursingsolutions.co.uk and have
clicked on it several times but no referers page has ever been generated.
Could you please help me & let me know what I'm doing wrong. I can easily
email you copies of my configured cgi-script.
I could not download the script and examine its internal working due to
lack of time. Howeven I am almost sure that the script was written to work
up the logs of an Apache web server.

As far as I could see the company gives the scripts free of charge but do
not make the installation easy and asks $20 for installation. I think that
is a reasonable price if you can afford.


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