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embedding CGI/Perl script within Table Cell in HTML

Date: 2002/01/08 13:52

i have a page at http://www.neow.org - static html
i also have a script at

i would like to embed this miniboard.pl script within a table cell on the
index.html page, but i cannot determine the correct way to do this...

can you give me some pointers on syntax for the tags? and also, should
index.html be renamed to index.shtml?

any help is appreciated.

Well, it depends what type of web server you use. There are trhee possible

1. Use server side include and in that case you may have toi rename your
index.html to index.shtml. To get the actual directives you have to
consult the web server documentation.

2. Instead of "inserting the CGI script into the html table" modify the
CGI script so that it writes out all the content of the page along with
the content that it actually prints.

3. Alter the page so that it includes an iframe and ilayer to include the
output of the CGI script. To do so consult an HTML manual.


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