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cgi page

Date: 2002/01/07 19:33

i need to make a cgi page so peope can pay by credit card(its a lottery,
investment site)
so their details need to be stored on the server and they need to be
allocated a number for each chance they enter(some people might buy a few
numbers in one go) they need to be sent an automated email (like a
ticket)so they can claim their prize..if they dont win after the draw
,they get their money back.
please help..urgent!!!!!!!! how do i do this?
i am using flash4 and dreamweaver ultra dev4
on a mac ibook....thank you

my answer may seem vitriolous, but belive me: I am honest. Hire someone to
do the job. That is going to be faster and cheaper.

On the other hand if the aim is to learn Web CGI Perl programming then
find a different issue for starting.


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