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cgi form - not sending mail

Date: 2002/01/07 12:27


I'm using Bignosebird.com's cgi script (bnbform v4.0) for form mail. I've
got the form calling the script and all seems to be working, however, it's
not sending the results to either of these as stated in the bnbform.html
page (hidden in form)

<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="submit_to" VALUE="taky@fast.net">
<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="cc_to" VALUE="taky@fast.net">

In the bnbform.cgi file, I removed the reference to SMTP because
"localhost" was causing a "Mail error" It only has the sendmail reference
(my host's path to sendmail):

#$SEND_MAIL="/usr/lib/sendmail -t";

I want the form to send the results to taky@fast.net. Do you have any

It apparently seems to me that the line starts with the # character that
means that the line is merely a comment.

Remove that character to get the line having effect.


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