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Setting up Perl script

Date: 2002/05/29 17:04

Am new to CGI. am not to sure about seeting up my the script to read my
email address. could you help me?

I am not sure that I full understand what you request. This can and most
probably is because of my lack of good command of English being non

If you want to read your email address, I can not help you, I do not know
how to do that. Where is that email address to read it from? If this is
printed on your name card, then you can read it using your eyes but not a
script. OK this is just kidding and I am sorry if I was too sarcastic.

If you want ro a mail box and the mails that were sent to the mailbox and
wait there for one to read and then to delete them than I recommend that
you get the module


to access the mail box.

Even though this is a good module, well documented and easy to use, if you
are a beginner in CGI programming, that I suspect, I recommend that you
start with simpler programs.


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