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Date: 2002/01/04 03:03

Dear Sir,
I don't know whether my C program is a compiler or
interpreter. Can you tell me a way to find out that?The version of my C
program is Turbo C (2.0). It was loaded into my system by my computer
vendor.If my C program is outdated, what is the latest version number.
Will it be correct to say that MS-C is DOS based and Turbo C is WINDOW
based? Is there a lot of difference in the format of the program between
the latest version and the version I possess? If yes, can you send a
simple program so that I can run it in my system as I would like to see
how a program is displayed when it is run?
Thanking you,

Certainly TURBO C is a C compiler. Both MS-C and TURBO-C are compilers.
Turbo C version 2.0 is more than ten years old. The successor of that
currently is Borland C++ Builder version 5.0.

MS-C you have should most probably be outdated approximately of the same
age. If you purchased the computer recently I am almost sure that the
copies are pirate, non-legal copies. I tell it just to inform you, but I
am not a legal advisor. I would hardly believe that either Borland or
Microsoft allows distribution of such outdated programs. However in some
countries this may be the actual practice.

Only from the technical point of view, Turbo C is perfect to learn
programming C. Actually this was the compiler I used 15 years ago to learn
C. It is certainly not a C++ compiler though.

The C language that the old versions and the new versions compile are the
same: ANSI standard C language. New versions however generate code for the
more modern 32 bit operating system like Windows95/98/me/NT/2000/XP. Turbo
C and MS C generate code for the old Windows system, which is/was 16 bit.
If you use this old one to learn you can later easily moveto the new

The simplest program you can try to type in is:

#include <stdio.h>


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