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Date: 2002/01/03 16:23

Dear Sir,
I would be thankful, if you can send the answers of the following
questions in C:
1) What is the difference between running and
compiling a program?Do we have to save the
program before running or compiling?
2) What is the difference between MS-C and Turbo
3) Would you advice to learn MS-C before Turbo C?
Thanking you,


There are two types of programming languages:

interpreted and


Compiled programming languages need to be transformed from the source code
to executable format. This format is loaded into memory and is executed by
the processor. Interpreted languages are not executed by the processor
directly. In that case another program, the interpreter is executed and
the interpreter iinterprets the code.

C is a compiled language though I have already seen C interpreter.

Perl or BASIC for example are typically interpreted.

To save a program before compiling is a must unless you use some old
integrated environment from the last century that was capable compiling a
program without saving. (DOS based). Use something new and then this
question is not addressed.

MS-C and TURBO-C are two different C compilers for the same language. Both
are outdated, use something new.

As for the question "to laern MSC before TURBO C" I can not answer as
these are compilers and not languages. They both are C compilers.

If you are using some old machine and have no money to buy something new
then I recommend to use Turbo C for the purpose of learning the language.

I hope you have the proper licence.


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