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What Is Wrong?

Date: 2002/01/01 19:09

I hope you did not delete my last question(script).
I have another problem now.....Every time I try to post a message it
deletes everything what was on that page and writes just message I've
writen now!!!
I would like that every message appends to page.
what should I do?

BTW - What in the script \n means? print POST ("<!--begin-->\n")) - just
for example

I would me very grateful if you can help me.

P.S. Thanks for quick answer on my last message. Script is now working!
Could you give me your e-mail address so I could send you scripts
in attachement(It would be easier to read I think)?

Thanks again!
open (POST,">$postpath")

opens the file for writing and in case the file already existed it
truncates the file. What you need is:

open (POST,">>$postpath")

\n means line feed character.

This is just a matter of luck that I had your previous question.


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