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Message Board Color: Where is the code?

Date: 2001/12/30 11:45

I have a message board script I acquired from a friend who got it from a
book. I got the script working alright but I can't stand black and white.

I have included the code below for you to look at it... to tell the truth
I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to look for. I was looking for
some hexadecimal values but couldn't find any. The text comes out black
and the background white. I've got the colors I'd like to use... I just
don't know how to implement them. Any suggestions/help/advice would be
much appreciated.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use 5.004;
use strict; # enforce declarations and quoting
use CGI qw(:standard); # import shortcuts
use Fcntl qw(:flock); # imports LOCK_EX, LOCK_SH, LOCK_NB

sub bail { # function to handle errors gracefully
my $error = "@_";
print h1("Unexpected Error"), p($error), end_html;
die $error;

$CHATNAME, # name of guestbook file
$MAXSAVE, # how many to keep
$TITLE, # page title and header
$cur, # new entry in the guestbook
@entries, # all cur entries
$entry, # one particular entry

$TITLE = "ShOc News Board";
ile"; # wherever makes sense on your system
$MAXSAVE = 100;

print header, start_html($TITLE), h1($TITLE);

$cur = CGI->new(); # current request
if ($cur->param("message")) { # good, we got a message
$cur->param("date", scalar localtime); # set to the current time
@entries = ($cur); # save message to array

# open the file for read-write (preserving old contents)
open(CHANDLE, "+< $CHATNAME") || bail("cannot open $CHATNAME: $!");

# get exclusive lock on the guestbook (LOCK_EX == exclusive lock)
flock(CHANDLE, LOCK_EX) || bail("cannot flock $CHATNAME: $!");

# grab up to $MAXSAVE old entries, newest first
while (!eof(CHANDLE) && @entries < $MAXSAVE) {
$entry = CGI->new(\*CHANDLE); # pass the filehandle by reference
push @entries, $entry;
seek(CHANDLE, 0, 0) || bail("cannot rewind $CHATNAME: $!");
foreach $entry (@entries) {
$entry->save(\*CHANDLE); # pass the filehandle by reference
truncate(CHANDLE, tell(CHANDLE)) ||
bail("cannot truncate $CHATNAME: $!");
close(CHANDLE) || bail("cannot close $CHATNAME: $!");

print hr, start_form; # hr() emits html horizontal rule: <HR>
print p("<b>Name:</b>", $cur->textfield(
-NAME => "name"));
print p("Message:", $cur->textfield(
-NAME => "message",
-OVERRIDE => 1, # clears previous message
-SIZE => 50));
print p(submit("send"), reset("clear"));
print end_form, hr;

print h2("Prior Messages");
foreach $entry (@entries) {
printf("%s [%s]: %s",
print br();
print end_html;

Thanks in advance for your time and thank you for your help.


You could not find any hexa code, because there is none. The white
background and black text is the default of the browser that you use.

See the following line:

print header, start_html($TITLE), h1($TITLE);

This uses functions from the CGI module to produce the start of the HTML
output. I recommend that you read the CGI.pm module documentation. I am
not familiar with this part of CGI.pm I used CGI.pm to parse CGI
variables, but I allways preferred to create the HTML output "by hand".

If you want that then replace the line above with the one:

print <<END;
<BODY BGCOLOR="here comes the hexa code of the background">
<FONT COLOR="here comes the hexa code of the character color">


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