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I Keep on reciving Internal Server Error message

Date: 2001/12/28 06:29

Hello there,
I have write a script for creating and then loading some random pages on
my page.
the link is http://www.seductionwww.f2s.com/cookie/incarca.cgi

Whenever I try to load the page I get Internal Server Error.

you can download the script and the files it is using from:

Thank you very much!
Check that your script is syntaxctically correct-. To do that type
"perl -c incara.cgi" at the command prompt. This can be done even on a
Win95 using ActiveState Perl.

Check that the first line of the script is #! /usr/bin/perl.

Check that the uploaded file has the proper permission.

Check what the web server writes to the log file.

Check that the program writes correct header. To do so put a statement

print "Status:200 OK\nContent-Type: text/html\n\n";

just after the first line.


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