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Date: 2001/12/26 12:27

I want to develop an application in C/C++ using multithreading which
should run on both windows and unix.Does C/C++ have their own threading
functions or are they dependent on platform? Also if create such an
appliction in windows ,how do I run it on unix?
Visit the site scriptbasic.com Download the source file and the
documentation. ScriptBasic is a multi-thread application, especially the
web server named Eszter SB Application Engine that runs both on UNIX and

The thread specific functions are implemented in the source file thread.c
If you call these functions you end up having a system independant and
thus portable program. On UNIX these routines call the POSIX thread
library. On NT they call the standard thread system calls.

On NT there are a much richer set of lock functions and synchronization
functions. However if you want to write portable code, ignore them and use
only the functions that I wrote and tested for ScriptBasic.


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