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Date: 2001/12/14 20:42


I am trying to put up a script, either
1. cgi
2. php
or 3. asp

on my website that would send sms text messages to mobile phones. I have
no idea where to start. I know very little cgi scripting but not very
good with either php or asp. Can you please help me out.



First of all you have to contract a GSM operator that lets you do that and
charge you an amount for each SMS. Currently a South African GSM operator
lets ICQ and some other firms to send SMS via their network, but the
drawback is that the Dutch GSM operator BEN and some others do not deliver
SMS coming from there.

You can write a Perl ICQ client that sends the SMS, but it is a hard task
and by the time you finish the European operators may end up acceptingSMS
messages from South Africa.

A sure application is to attach a GSM phone to the server and program
that. However I do not have experience with that.

Summarizing: you can not practically do that.


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