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Guest Book Problems-HTTP 500 Internal Srever Error

Date: 2001/12/08 10:31

I am using the bignosebird.com script for the guestbook but I am having a
problem because i keep getting the Http 500 Internal Server error when I
try to subit an entry into the guestbook. It should return you to the
guestbook page where you will see your newly submitted message but its not
doing this. Please help me. The site that I am trying to do this on is
If you need more information please let me know. I have been driving
myself crazy with this.
The Internal Server Error message comes from Apache. This error comes from
some more basic mis-settings than that of how the sendmail path is set.
Ensure that the script is uploaded into the proper directory and that the
web server user (usually called www-data) has permission to execute that
script. Also ensure that the very fist line of the script contains

#! /usr/bin/perl

or try

#! /usr/local/bin/perl

and also ensure that the perl interpreter is there where the first line of
the code tells it to you, and is executable by www-data (or whatever user
the web server is executing).

If that does not help ensure that the first thing your program prints is

Content-Type: text/html

and an empty line following these. You can check it starting the program
from the command line. If this still does not help then you can look at
(if you can) the Apache error log file. There is usually some more
information regarding the error.


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