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CGI Script

Date: 2001/12/06 20:42

Hello Peter,

I sure hope you can help me. I do not know very much about CGI or Perl.

I have downloaded a CGI form from BigNose Bird.com that I have manipulted.
It was originally an 'email a friend' script but I have changed it so that
people will be able to come to my site and send text messages to our
friends cellular phones. So, in the recipients email text field, you
currently need to input the 10digit phone number followed by
@mobile.cingular.com (1234567891@mobile.cingular.com). Being that we are
all with cingular, I would like the @moblie.cingular.com to be
automatically included so that all you have to type in is the 10 digit
phone number.

I have tried playing with the code for about a week now but I just don't
know enough to get it working. Further more, I don't really understand
all those complicated equasions that are on the page. I am looking for
the code that might allow for this to work the way I described. Do you
know how to do this? I am in a bind because I wanted it to be up before
my girlfriends and I go on our anual pre-christmas vacation (we are going
to Cabo this year!). If you could help me I would really appreciate it.
Thanks Peter.

I guess that you most probably forgot ot use \ before the @ character in
the string.


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