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Date: 2001/12/06 20:38

Hello Peter,

Im having problems using FormMail.cgi (Matthew M. Wright,

Everything works fine using Netscape (4.77). The redirection to a thankyou
or error page (according to requiered fields on form) works ok as well as
receiving the email with the input data.

The problem is with Internet Explorer (5). The redirection works but no
email is ever received.

Do you have any idea why is this? I know it sound weird, but its hapennig.

I have tried everything that comes to my mind with out results.

My Linux box: Red Hat Linux release 6.1, Apache HTTP Version 1.3, Perl

In advance, thanks for your help
This is actually black magic. It just should not happen. I agree with you
it is weird. I have solved problems that sounded even more weird at first
but not remotely.


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