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c connection with backends

Date: 2002/06/17 15:23

how to connect backends with C .i need to connect foxpro2.6 using C.could
you please provide me the general syntax as well as for foxpro in C. that
is when i save details in structre form from C to ".txt" files i have
problem some times So i need to store it in ".dbf" files in foxpro.
so anybody give me syntax.if possible give me some web link that give the
stuff to "connect C with backend".

thanking you.
The keyword for your issue is called ODBC. Foxpro and other databases can
be accessed via the Open Data Base Connectio API of Microsoft that has
already been also ported to UNIX as well.

This is however not really simple, quite a wide book to read. You have to
understand first terminology and the structure of database connections.
This is not just opening, reading and writing files. So before you start
learning it prepare your soul to accept that it will take many days before
it starts to give some light.

Seek ODBC documentation on the Microsoft Developers Netwok


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