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can you help with these?

Date: 2002/05/28 10:20

I am looking for some help with the folowing areas, I am no good at any of

I help puting in the folowing pearl script password for my site the script
is at :::

I need asistance puting in a message board, 1 that has ranking, and all of
the other things, A realy good 1, and then help puting it on my website, I
have no ideal how to work pearl scripts, or cgi, but if you could help me.
that would be great.

I also need help puting in a totaly private chat room for my site,
perfuable a good one.

And I also am hoping to get a smaller, cheaper classified add thing for my
site, I am trying to have a trading type thing, were somone can get on,
and classify what (S)he has for trade, and what (S)he will trade for, etc,
cheaper as in, any kind of script should work.

Thank you for your time at looking at this, if you could be of asistance
in any of these, I would be pleased.

the help you request is above the scope of this free service.


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