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Date: 2002/05/28 10:14

I recently changed hosting companies and now my request for info form does
not work. I have made changes to direct it to the new cgi-bin. However I
still can't get it to work.

I feel it has something to do with where the "perl" is located(I really
don't understand "perl"}

I have been told to issue the command:

which perl (on some unix based system, type perl)but I am not sure where
to do this at. Can you help. www.golfturfs.com/info is the location of one
of my forms

The command 'which perl' answers with the exact location of the perl
interpreter. This actually can be done with any command not only the perl
interpreter. For example 'which sh' will tell that the shell interpreter
is /bin/sh

To issue the command you have to log in to the system using telnet or ssh,
in other words: you need interactive login. This is something you most
probably do not have. Letting the customers loggin in into a hosting
machine would give a lot of possibility for a hacker.

The Perl interpreter can be located at some standard places:


try all these location. To try you have to alter the first line of the
script that now may contain:

#! /usr/bin/perl

to have the # and ! characters (optionally the space after, but not
neccesarily) and the path. Some of them may work.


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