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cgi rookie needing advice

Date: 2002/05/28 10:07

I've just finished leafing through some perl/cgi tutorials and, while I
understand the code involved, I am left with some general confusion.
Where do I put these scripts in relation to my repective website? What I
want to do is test my cgi knowledge on a site of my own on my own system
at home. How do I set this up? I want the user's form input to be sent
to my email. Is this the standard way to use cgi with form-data sending?

You have learnt Perl programming and this is great! Congratulation!

Now you should start using Perl for CGI. What you need is a local computer
running Linux/Apache or some kind of Windows and Apache or IIS (PWS)

You have to learn how to set up the operating system (optionally) and how
to set up the web server. This is above this service, please consult the
documentation of the web server. If you install Win/IIS or PWS then you
can easily install ActivePerl from ActiveState.com This will automatically
configure your web server to be used together with ActivePerl. In this
case the directory to put the scripts is c:\InetPub\scripts

The user form input can be stored in a file that you can periodically
download. You can also send the content by mail, but that is a next level
programming task. To do that download the scripts from bignosebird.com and
learn from the samples.


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