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Date: 2002/05/24 10:22

Hi Peter,

We need to know how to implement a script that can output the contents of
a text file from a user's pc in a specific location and send by email to
our server. Is this very similar to a cookie?

we are trying to migrate our clients ip addresses and we need their
correct "mac addresses"(many have no networking knowledge) So we've
decided to setup a tiny program which they install which will output the
addresses to a txt file. What we need to do is setup a form which they
fill in personal details and which sends their details along with the text
file to our email address. How do we do it?

Thanks for any ideas....
Well, that is something that you can not fully automatize. The form you
can make can contain an


input field, however you just can not fill it with default value. This is
for security reason. The user has to select the file and press the form
button to upload it to the server. From the server you can just send it by
mail if you want or do with the file content whatever you want.


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