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i need to make the BNBsurvey display the results in a new window

Date: 2002/05/23 10:59

Hi, i'm configuring the BigNoseBird Survey, and its workin, but, when i
submit the vote, the results are displayed in the same window, and i need
that results in a new window when i hit submit.

how can i do this??

Thanx in advance....
I copy here a part of the document


A document can be sent with the optional HTTP header

Window-target: window_name

This will force the document to load in the window named window_name, or
if such a window does not exist, one will be created, and then the
document will be loaded in it.

This means that you have to alter the script so that it prints

print "Window-target: new-window\n";

before the HTTP header is closed with the empty line. You can tipically
insert it into the string that prints the Content-Type.


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