Curriculum Vitae

Name:     Péter Verhás
Born:     May 29, 1966. Budapest, Hungary, Europe
Father:   József Verhás, chemical engineer, professor at the TU Budapest
Mother:   Zsuzsa Merő, chemical engineer
Wife:     dr. Med. Univ. Kelemen, Judit (marriage date: August 11, 1990.)
Children: Eszter Verhás, August 16, 1991.
          Máté Verhás
          Mihály Verhás May 31, 1993.

1972-1980   primary school
1981-1984   secondary school, specialized for mathematics
1983, 1984  country level position 13. , 33., and 26. for
            secondary school students mathematics and physics
1984-1985   regular army service
1985-1989   studies at the TU Budapest faculty of Electronic Engineering.
1986-1989   student assistant at TU Budapest
            Department of Electron Devices
1987        driving license
1987        best programmer of TU Budapest competition first prize
1987, 1988  First prize/ Rectorial first prize at the Scientific
            Students Conference at TU Budapest
1987, 1988  student scientific work at TU Delft, The Netherlands
1988        successful mid-level English language exam
1989        diploma work at TU Vienna Institute for Microelectronics
1989        degree of M.Sc. (Electronic Engineering)
1990-1992   scholarship for research work at the TU Budapest
1990-1991   research work at TU Vienna
1991        participation on scientific conference SISDEP in Zurich
1992 -1997  employee of Digital Equipment Hungary Ltd.
 1997-1999  employee of Compaq Computer Hungary Ltd.
            (Compaq has acquired Digital in 1997)
 1992-1994  Part time External Lecturer for the
            Electron Devices of Technical University of Budapest
1998        MCP, MCP+I, MCSE (MCP ID# 974709)

1999-2001   CIO at Corp.
2001-       software engineer at Westel Mobil Corp.

Positions and Projects

1992         Sales trainee
1993         Account Executive responsible for the customers in
             the Education and Research industry segment
1995         responsible for the customer: Hungarian Post Bank
1996-        Internet Technology and Business Senior Consultant

1996         Westel Rádiótelefon Kft, Web based Personal
             Log Services programming installation and support.
1997         Budapest Water Utility Internet connection security 
             design and implementation including firewall 
             architecture design installation.
1998         I developed election web content development policies.
             These policies were accepted and implemented by the
             Hungarian Election Office.

1998-1999    AltaVizsla Internet Search implementation at Hungarian
             Telecom. I participated in the project as Senior
             Consultant and Project Manager. Corp
1999         Corporate development, team building from 5 to 28 personnel
1999         Y2K revision
2000 AdEngine development
2000         Web search engine implementation
2000         Web server farm implementation, 7x24 operation development

Personal qualities

I speak, read and write Hungarian, English. I can understand and
speak German basic level. I am Microsoft Certified Professional,
Systems Engineer since 1998. Although I have no formal certification
I have in-depth UNIX knowledge as a user as well as system

I can program in UNIX and in Windows NT environment in C, C++,
Perl including Web CGI and ISAPI applications, NT service development,
compilers, text processing, Web server.

I have experience with several other programming languages as well.
You can find a subset of the programs I developed at my personal web site:

Another personal project is ScriptBasic at

I have an in-depth knowledge of security architectures, encryption.