KeePass autostart



I keep the keepass.exe program on a USB drive. Whenever I plug the drive I have to open an explorer window and start the program manually. Using this little tool I do not need to do it manually anymore. I copied the keepassautostart.exe code to a local disk and created a shortcut in the menu Start/All Programs/Startup menu.


This little exe keeps running virtually consuming neither memory nor CPU and whenever an USB drive is inserted is seeks for KeePass.exe on that drive and in case it finds it starts it.


Switching off Windows XP other autostart options I need only insert my USB dong and KeePass starts automatically.


You can download a ZIP file containing the exe.




The program is provided as is, without any guarantee to fit the purpose, or just anything else. It is free to use, no need to pay for it. If you need, however some different version, that is more configurable, or starts some other program, that may cost money. Ask for it.



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KeePass autostart

KeePass.exe autostart

usb dong autostart

usb autostart

autostart.inf for usb