IIS filter to map ~user automatically

This is an Windows NT Internet Information Server ISAPI filter that maps
                 http://www.domain.dom/~user ...
URLs to their "HTML home" directory.

Download the file mapper.zip 23,220bytes which contains compiled dll as well as full source code.

To install the program copy the file mapper.dll to a safe place and configure the webserver to use it. For IIS3.0 this is done via the registry editor editing the key

"Filter DLLs"="c:\mapper\mapper.dll"
If you have more than one filter you should list them in this key comma separated. c:\mapper\mapper.dll is only an example location, you are free to palce the executable dll so long as long the web server anonymous user has appropriate permission to run it.

If you use II4.0 you can configure filters via the Microsoft Management Console. Altough IIS4.0 makes it possible to configure a filter for virtual directories as well as for the whole webserver define mapper.dll for the whole webserver.

For IIS3.0 and IIS4.0 after installing the mapper filter start the registry editor and edit the keys:


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\iisfilters\user home directory mapper 1.0]
If you want to change and use the code, you are free as much as GNU GPL provides. You have all neccesary files in the ZIP.