Danger Tools v1.6.2

This tool allows you to do some really powerful operations on Windows NT/2000/ XP from the command line. These include (but not limited to) creating hard links on NTFS (to files and directories), copying files with all attributes on NTFS, changing owner and group of files, setting process work set size and priority.

The most powerful operation is to start a command prompt that runs with SYSTEM privileges.

Download the program and documentation in a 90KB ZIP file.

You can use the tool free of charge. You have to register the program to open up the most advanced features, however registration is also free.

Source code is not available to the public.

1.6.2 does create the command window under Windows XP finally


How to install Danger Tools?
Just extract the file pvt.exe and start it from the command line. It may make your life easier if you extrat it into a a directory, which is in the path. But this is not a strict requirement.

Why there is no setup.exe?
If you can not install the program without the setup.exe then you better do not use the program.

Why should I register to get the system prompt?
That feature is extremely powerful. This also means that this is really dangerous. Registering is an act by will ensuring that you really want to use that feature and also express that you use the feature by will and not by accident. In other words, this is a legal action. On the other hand registration process will give me some more feedback on how many are using the tool and what purpose for.

Why is this program closed source?
I have written many programs open source GPL and LGPL. Thus you should not blame me on this one not being open source. Making a program open source is to allow other people to learn from the program code. There is nothing to learn from the code of this program that you could not learn from other sources. I could not request registration if the program was open source.

Ok, I understand that the program is not open source. However can I get the source code?
Yes. Offer a price that I can not resist :-)

I would like to have some specific feature the program lacks.
I would like to have some feature in a different way.
How can I request a specific feature?
I develop the program in my free time and just like in other projects I do take user requests into account. Drop me a mail with your question or request.

"pvt /recurse /dirs /files chown /o="domain/username" f:\h" does not work...
If you want to recurse into a subdirectory and make some operation on all files in that directory and in the subdiectories you have to specify wild card pattern. Thus what you really need is "pvt /recurse /dirs /files chown /o="domain/username" f:\h\*" In the very special case of the example you also need "pvt /recurse /dirs /files chown /o="domain/username" f:\h f:\h\*" to have the directory itself on the command line and the operation performed on that.

Seems that there is some bug in the code...
Possible. If you are sure, then drop me a mail.