PCMAC processor independant cross assembler

PCMAC is a two pass, symbolic cross assembler for the PC\XT\AT\PS2 computers. This assembler is a special one, because it is not dedicated to any processor. The user of PCMAC can decide what kind of assembly language to use, and what kind of code he wants to be generated. Therefore a very special macro language is supported in PCMAC that is powerful enough to define any assembly language like Z80 or MC68000. (Definition of the Z80 language is included as a sample.) The assembler supports many possibilities to maintain big assembly programs. Some of the features:

PCMAC was written about 6 to 8 years ago, and was released as shareware. As it did not generate any revenue, it was formed to freeware as an XT compiled code. Now it becomes 100% free ware, covered by the licence GNU GPL

pcmac.zip 117KB source zipped using WinZip

Please, donot blame me on the language of the Users' Guide. I wrote it when I started learning English 12 years ago.