Program Source Documentation Tool V2.1

Using this tool you can embed formatted source documentation in your C, PASCAL, FORTRAN, COBOL, even Perl or practically any language, and extract these formatted comments to multiple, structured HTML files.

You can also use the program to create a version of your source that does not include the comments. This can be useful in case the language is interpreted. Interpretation time can increase and speed can slow down if extensive comments are used. This program source is approximately 18K source and was stripped to 8K.

You need no knowledge of Perl or HTML, but it helps.

Embedded Source Documentation (ESD) thinks that a project contains multiple files. Each file contains sections. Each section is the documentation unit for function, procedure, sub or anything alike. There is a main section for each file and there is one for the project.

The project ESD documentation is defined in a Source Documentation File. This SDD file is a text file that defines strings, directories, file names for the ESD and the documentation section for the project.

A sample SDD file for this very program, and the result documentation explaining in detail the syntax of the SDD file and the syntax that can be used to format the documentation. The stripped version of the code might also be interesting.

Finally you might be interested in the source of the program. This program was developed under Windows95, tested under Windows NT and will eventually be deployed most commonly under Linux. It should work under usual UNIX operating systems.

To be honest, these days I use a more complex software source development tool-set. That involves jamal, texi and various texi-to-anything converters. For more information on that methodology visit the ScriptBasic home page and read the documentation named "Documentation Methodology".