t2h TEXI to HTML Converter

by Peter Verhas

Table of Contents


1. Introduction

t2h.pl is a TEXI to HTML converter written in Perl. There are other such converters as well, that differ in some features. There is no obligation to use this one, you can use the one that fits you best.


2. How to Use

To start the TEXI to HTML converter you should type:

perl t2h.pl mytexifile.texi

The converter will generate several files:


3. Implementex TEXI commands

The converter implements only a subset of the available TEXI commands. Other commands are copied into the output files verbatim.

The commands are:

file, code, var, command, acronym, b, strong, emph, option, itemize, item, example, xref, uref, email


4. t2h.pl Source file



5. Other files