Convert text to HTML intelligently

Convert legacy text to HTML using some heuristics. The result is readable formatted HTML. Read the text version and the converted version of the readme of the program. You also need the package file that actually contains the code. Copy this file to some package location or to the same location where the Perl file is.

See other text2html tools from different authors.

What is new in version 2.0?

Almost nothing if you just converted text files to html with it. The source is a bit cleaned up and the main code is put into a package. This makes it possible to use the function of conversion from other Perl programs. There is some extension that makes it possible to convert a text file to HTML without the header and body tags as well as to specify how some controls should be used. Like specifying font. The file can be used as a presentation how the package is to be used. Now it creates Verdana font in the output.