How to use the presentations

This document does not explain how to use these presentations from the learning technique point of view. You can use the presentations using any learning methodology as you like. The purpose of this document is to give a technical overview of the use of the tutorials.

The presentations can be viewed using a browser (IE4.0 or later or Netscape Navigator 4.7 or later) or in original source Microsoft Power Point format. The viewer for Microsoft Power Point can freely be downloaded from Microsoft.

To listen to the audio you need Real Player available free of charge from Real.

To listen to the presentation you first have to click on the icon to download the RealAudio voice file. You can save it to disk or start it immediately.

To view the presentation slides you can click on the icon to open the presentation in a new browser window or you can download the Power Point presentation file clicking on the icon .

You can click on these two icons with the right mouse button and select the menu "Save As" to save the Real Audio or the Microsoft Power Point presentation.

If you move the mouse over the or the icon without clicking on them the browser will soon display a tool-tip text that tells you the format of the file as well as the size of the actual file in KB.

If you click on the icon the browser will open a new window containing the presentation. You can use the controls to step from slide to slide or to step directly to the desired slide.

The window is opened in 450x450 pixels so that it fits the lowest possible screen resolution. Most probably you use a larger resolution. Feel free to resize the window to any size fitting your needs.

If the presentation is downloading slowly and the audio presentation goes too fast press the pause button on the audio player software and press the play button again when the actual slide appears on your screen.

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