Peter Verhás

Peter Verhas Budapest 1966. május 29.
Primary and secondary schools in Budapest.
MSc. Electronic Engineer Technical University Budapest
Studies Technische Universitat Wien, Institute für Mikroelektronik
I was working for Digital Equipment Hungary Ltd. as a salesman and later as Internet Technology and Business Consultant. Later when Compaq has acquired Digital I worked for Compaq Computer Hungary Ltd. two years further. I worked for this company seven years all together.
I participated in the startup of Corp. as Software Development Director and CIO from October 1999 to July 2001.
I was working for Westel. Then it was renamed to T-Mobile and after that merged into T-Com.
Since 2006 I work for Verhas & Verhas Software Craftsmen Ltd as CEO.
I was part-time external lecturer at TU Budapest.
My first language is Hungarian; I speak English and a bit of German. I learn Spanish currently.
I am married, and have three children. One of them is not twin.




Phone: +36-30-930-6805
Phone: +1(562) 735-3099

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